<h1>Solutions for a Mobile Workforce</h1>

Solutions for a Mobile Workforce

Keeping officers in the field safe with access to CAD, RMS, and Analytics from their mobile device.

<h1>Data Driven Approach to Crime Reduction</h1>

Data Driven Approach to Crime Reduction

Delivering crime analytics, trends, and patterns to field officers for directed patrol and predictive policing.

<h1>The leading solution for Fire Rescue Agencies</h1>

The leading solution for Fire Rescue Agencies

Bringing all the strengths of CAD, Fire Records, and Fire Analytics for improving response times, resource allocation, and NFIRS reporting.

Complete Solutions for Medium to Large Agencies

California's Largest Wildfire

Inform CAD was a critical tool for Ventura County.

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Congratulations to Scott Howland, CIO of California Highway Patrol, for being named to Government Technologies Top 25 Doers, Dreamers & Drivers as an Innovator in the Public Sector.

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